Pelican Lures Catalogue

Pelican Lures Catalogue

Great Catch

Great Catch

Nice Northern

Nice Northern

All the photos of fish on this website were caught with Pelican Lures Spoons.

Pelican Lures is excited to introduce a full lineup of open water and ice fishing tackle.  Stay tuned for new products and specials for 2017.  The flutter trolling spoons were possibly the highest producing lure on Lake Winnipeg in 2015/2016 for monster Walleyes. The bright vibrant colors and unique action makes the Pelican Flutter spoon your best ice fishing lure!
Check out the promotions for 2017 below!
Here are some of the hot ice fishing products for 2016-2017
Pelican Casting Lures

NEW - Pelican Fat Belly Bait

Flutter Trolling Spoons

Pelican Tickle Jigs

NEW - Canada 150 Lures

Pelican Jigging Lures

Pelican Combo Packs

Bait FX Casting Spoons

Pelican Stubs

Bait FX Spinners

Pelican Hex Wobblers

 New Promotion for 2017!

With every purchase of $100 receive a FREE Pelican Lures Beanie!
ALSO - FREE shipping on orders over $250

Pelican Lures Fishing Tackle is finished with a metallic sparkle and some have 3-dimensional imaging giving them a striking appearance as they glide through the water.  Pelican Lures Dura-Tech finish makes the lures practically indestructible; the finish will outlast any other fishing tackle in your sport fishing tackle box. Unlike our competitors who use paint on one side of their fishing spoons, our fishing lures are coated on both sides and finished with a heat imaging technology making them extremely durable. You will also like to know that all Pelican Lures products are 100% made in USA & Canada!

Pelican Lures Fishing Tackle also customizes or personalizes our fishing lures. If you want your company name, logo, phone # or even email address on your own Pelican Lure, we can do it. We also customize fishing spoons for promotional purposes, weddings, special events, family reunions, fishing derbies.  You name it, we can do it! Check out the Custom Lure Page

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