Pelican Lures Catalogue

Pelican Lures Catalogue

Lake Trout Fishing  is an extremely rewarding sport.  The United States and Canada have hundreds of lakes for fishing trout.  Selecting your lake trout fishing lures is as much fun as catching the big lakers.  Pelican Lures and Tackle has a wide variety, colors and designs, of lake trout fishing lures.  Our fishing lures are extremely durable and some have a 3-dimensional design.


Canada lake trout fishing is an experience for all types of anglers.  If you visit our (fishing Manitoba) page you can read about a number of great lakes for fishing for lake trout.

Blue Psych - Lake Trout fishing can be awesome when you use the purple haze lures.  Blue and purple are a favorite color combination when fishing for lake trout.  
Yellow Monarch - This is one of our favorite first picks when fishing lake trout.  These lake trout fishing lures are a digital photo of a Monarch Butterfly.  
Fire - Lake Trout fishing this red and yellow fire design can be rewarding.  This color combination works great at certain times of the year when you are Canada lake trout fishing.  
Brookie - Canada Lake Trout fishing with 'Brookie' really works.  These spoons are an actual digital photo of a Brook Trout.  They really work well when fishting for Lake Trout.   
Pumpkin Seed - This summer the pumpkin seed was HOT at West Hawk Lake in Manitoba.  'A Must for Lakers'.  

Create Your Own Lake Trout Fishing Lure

If you are interested in designing your own spoon for fishing for Lake Trout send us your digital photos or favorite colors and designs.  Lake Trout fishing can get super interesting when you are the only person with a one of a kind spoon that is catching the big ones.

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