Pelican Lures Catalogue

Pelican Lures Catalogue

Musky Fishing in Canada and the United States is a wonderful experience for any sport fisherman.  The fresh water lakes are excellent for Musky fishing if you have chosen the right Musky fishing lures.

One of the most exciting fishing spoons are made by Pelican Lures and tackle for Musky fishing.  Our design and colors are the most spectacular fishing lures on the market.  

Musky fishing tackle is the preference of the angler.  Depending on the Manitoba or Minnesota lake you are fishing your choice of Musky fishing lures will vary. That is why we offer a wide variety of colors in fishing spoons for Musky fishing.

Purple Psych – This Musky fishing lure was designed to capture the blues that are famous for Musky fishing.   
Green Frog – These fishing spoons are a digital photo of a leopard frog.  This real image may be the best Musky fishing lure in your tackle box. 
Red/White Fire – Musky fishing can get really exciting when you use these red and white fishing spoons which we call ‘fire red and white’.
Red/Yellow Wave – Our red and yellow wave designed fishing spoon has a three dimensional aspect.  This is a Musky fishing lure that is a must. 

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