Pelican Lures Catalogue

Pelican Lures Catalogue

Fishing Minnesota

In the state of Minnesota there are thousands of lakes for Northern Pike Fishing. 

Canada Northern Pike Fishing

Canada has some of the best lakes for Pike fishing.  Pelican Lures and Tackle has some of the best fishing spoons for fishing pike in Canadian waters. 

Northern Pike Fishing or Pike fishing is an angler’s dream in Canada and the United States.  Manitoba has thousands of lakes for trying out your favorite fishing spoons when fishing for Pike. Pelican Lures and Tackle offer some of the best fishing spoons for Northern Pike fishing in the world.  Our 5 ½” and 3 ½” Pike fishing lures have unique patterns and images designed for Pike fishing. Our finish is extremely durable when fishing Pike.

Canada Northern Pike fishing is a great experience for all anglers.  Selecting the right size and color of fishing spoons can be as much fun as fishing for Pike.  Look through our wide selection of sizes, patterns and colors and pick the Pike fishing lures that you feel will work for you.

The 5 ½” fishing spoons are great for Canada Northern Pike fishing and landing the 40+”  lakers.  Depending on the time of year and the lakes you are fishing you will want to have a number of different colors and patterns of Northern Pike fishing lures in your tackle box


Pike Fishing Lures  


The Most common size for Northern Pike fishing are the 5 ½” and 3 ½” fishing spoons, although trying to land a 40” Pike with our 2 7/8”  or 2 ½” fishing spoons can be a thrill that needs to be experienced.

Green Pike – Green pike is awesome when you use the Green Pike design fishing lures.  This is an actual digital photo of a northern pike that we transposed onto this fishing spoon.  

Smelt – This image is a must for Pike fishing anywhere.  This silvery image really sparkles in the water.  Northern pike love it.

Pink White Shimmer – One of the fishing managers at a large retailer tells everyone they have to have this fishing lure in their tackle box if they are going after Northern Pike.  

10 of Diamonds – We decided at Pelican Lures we would take the ageless 5 of diamonds and create the 10 of diamonds (5 on each side).  Great fishing lures for pike fishing.


Rainbow Darter – Brand new for 2012.  Hasn't even touched the water but we feel this will kill when northern pike fishing.  Be one of the first to try out this fishing lure. 


Pike Fishing 101

Pike Fishing 101

Where to find Pike.
There are many places where you will find Northern Pike in Lakes. Generally, you will find small to medium size pike in the back of bays where there are thick weeds, lily pads and wild rice. This is where small to medium size pike feed on small minnows, bugs, frogs and each other. Out near the edge of the weeds, the pike will get bigger because the pike have the food of the bay to their back and also have the chance of taking a small Walleye swimming by the outside of the weeds. So where are the big pike?
Big pike generally do not bother with small minnows, frogs and bugs. Their main food is Walleyes, small hammer-handles, Suckers, Chub and Whitefish. The big pike will hang out where they can ambush Walleyes. The prime ambush area is points leading into bays. They will also hang around rocky points, shoals, islands and other places where there are Walleyes. The best place to get a big trophy pike is at the mouth of a stream or river, narrows between islands and water-flow between lakes. The big pike just sit there waiting for Walleyes to swim through. Walleyes tend to migrate around a lake all year, whether it's moving to find cooler water, deeper water, more food or even finding their spawning grounds.

Of all the game fish you can catch in North America Pike are the easiest. Pike will hit just about any lure. The most popular lures for Pike are the "red & white" curve, (made by Pelican Lures, Len Thompson and Eppinger) and the yellow "five-of-diamonds" first made by Len Thompson and since also made by Eppinger.  Pelican Lures has “one-uped” both of these manufactures by developing the 10 of Diamonds, (5 on each side). Pike also will hit jigs, Rapalas and Thundersticks, etc. Some of the biggest pike are caught with small jigs while Walleye fishing. It makes sense because the big pike will patrol the outer parameter of the schools of Walleyes.

Pike Fishing 101

Pike Fishing 101

Play with your bait:
Pike will play with your bait. It's not uncommon for a big Pike to hit and let go several times before the bait is taken. With this in mind you have to show some patience. If you get a big pike on and then lose him, just wait a little while and he will hit again. Pike appetites are so ferocious that they forget quickly and start to feed again. There are many reports by fisherman of catching the same pike over again.

Pike Fishing 101

Pike Fishing 101

Casting A Spoon:
One very effective way to maximize the attraction of a spoon is to slap it. What you do is cast towards your target zone but cast up high so your lure falls into the area you want to fish. When the lure is about 2 or 3 feet above the water, jerk your line towards you. This makes the lure slap on the surface. If you are doing it right, you can hear the spoon slap. The sound of a spoon slapping on the surface seems to attract pike and/or trigger a feeding response.  

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